What is Fee-Based Financial Planning

Fee based financial planning entails a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner preparing a thorough analysis of your financial life and providing a written plan with recommendations and consistent supervision to pursue your goals. Because CFP’s are held to fiduciary standards, you can be confident the recommendations you receive should be in your best interest. Throughout the financial planning process we are primarily looking at 6 areas of your financial life: financial position, risk management, wealth accumulation, tax management, retirement planning, and estate planning.

The Financial Planning Process:

In the initial interview, we inquire and listen intently to determine precisely your financial goals, personal values, priorities, and timelines.

Why change?  Are you satisfied with your current situation or is there a problem or desire you would like to examine. Or, is there a problem or opportunity you are unaware of.  How big is the problem or desire?  What is the consequence of not changing?  Who else is impacted?

We compile your financial data and complete a detailed analysis to create a report that determines how efficiently the current financial position corresponds with their financial goals. We ascertain if other methods and processes could or should be considered to help pursue your financial goals. 

At our next meeting, we discuss the findings of the report to compare the existing financial condition to other potential options. The report will define the costs, consequences and risks of staying the same or making changes. In conjunction with the results expressed in the report and coordination of your conveyed values and priorities, we will make a comprehensive recommendation with measurable timelines.


We initiate the tactical and strategic Financial Plan to mitigate risk and pursue your financial goals.

We create a consistent methodology to review the Financial Plan to fine-tune any variations within your lifetime or changes in the financial industry, verify financial goals with the designated timelines, and answer any questions or provide additional financial information/service that may surface over time.