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Retirement Plans for Businesses

Business Retirement Plans: 401ks, SEP IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs

We help plan sponsors meet their fiduciary obligations by assisting them with their responsibilities including plan administration, investment selection and monitoring process as well as controlling and lowering the total cost of the plan.

We also help plan sponsors make their plans more successful by increasing participation and savings rates and help participants allocate their assets in an appropriate distribution based on their individual retirement income objective.

We understand the needs of business owners

  • Meeting their fiduciary responsibilities

  • Increasing participation

  • Increasing savings rates

  • Providing asset allocation assistance, employee education, and investment services to plan participants

 We satisfy the above needs through the following core services:

Employer Provider Search ServicesAt a minimum, plan sponsors need to be able to turn to a financial professional for assistance with conducting a due-diligent vendor-selection process. We have established an efficient process to secure proposals and to uniformly and objectively evaluate proposals from quality providers. For larger plans, we will help assemble a request for proposal. This is a detailed set of questions sent to prospective service providers about process, controls, size, service offerings, etc., that is used as a tool to analyze the marketplace and to leave a documented  ‘due diligence’ paper trail.

Employer Level ServicesPlan sponsors need assistance meeting their fiduciary responsibilities managing the plan administration; fee analysis and the portfolio design, investment selection, and ongoing monitoring process. For example, while you may have an investment policy statement in place, the real question is, “What are you doing with it?” We will assist you in establishing an effective Investment Policy Statement and help you to adhere to the regulations set forth in the policy.  A plan sponsors’ need for effective investment consulting will only increase as the industry continues to move to an "open architecture" operating environment. It is imperative that plan sponsors fulfill this responsibility to protect their interest while providing an efficient and effective retirement plan program for their employees.

Employee Level ServicesPlan sponsors know that good employee education--especially the old fashioned kind of sitting down with employees can make a real difference in the overall success of a plan. Employees are routinely living paycheck to paycheck, struggling to contribute a meaningful amount into their plan and are often overwhelmed by the excessive investment choices provided to them. What they’re looking for is someone to educate them into signing up for the plan, to coach them to save a meaningful amount, and to provide education support with appropriate asset allocation. We believe we will add tremendous value at this critical junction.

The Retirement Plan Consulting Process

The Retirement Plan Consulting Process

Throughout the entire process, we will be the primary contact and relationship manager.  With a clear understanding of your retirement plan needs, we are best equipped to recommend effective solutions that work well together and coordinate all aspects of the process.

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