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Robo vs Traditional Financial Advisor

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Does it cost anything for the first meeting?

No, first and foremost we want to learn about you and find out what is important to you. If we are able to help, we will then show you your options of working together and how much it will cost whether it’s an out of pocket annual fee or if it’s internal though commissions on any products you purchase through us.

Is there an account minimum for your clients?

Our minimum investment for new clients is $250,000, however, we will waive this in certain circumstances for existing client's family or friends as well as other trusted advisors we have relationships with.

Why work with a team?

There can be many benefits to working with a team. You will have more minds working together, greater accountability, and full time coverage.

Why work with a financial advisor (or CFP®)?

Many families has 5 disconnected plans and led by different leaders.  Estate plan by the attorney. Tax plan by a CPA, insurance by insurance agent, investment plan by investment advisor and the income plan is a battleground between investment advisor and insurance prof.  Some financial professionals handle both the insurance and the investments and subsequently income planning but these are handled separately and decisions made without consideration to the other categories.  A Certified Financial Planner takes the 5 segments, recognizing they all touch and decisions made in one segment will have impact on other four. It’s our job as a CFP to work with you in a collaborative relationship to make sure decisions made in each and every category to determine what the consequences might be in the other categories. 

Are you a fee based planner? 

We do a mix of fee based planning and insurance since we can lower your risk by utilizing insurance companies who can fill the gap and take the risk for you.

Why not invest with a low cost provider like an online robo wealth advisor?

While low cost providers are great because of their low fees, they might not provide everything you need such as local servicing or someone to explain to you face to face how your investments are doing. They may not be there when you need them most, in getting coaching during market downturns and reminding you of your long term goals and overall plan.

How often should I see my financial advisor?

At least once a year. Even if there are no changes in your life, it’s good to review your accounts so you understand how they are doing. For some clients with a more complex plans, 2x or 4x a year may be necessary to meet to make adjustments in a timely manner.