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Tax Planning Videos

NUA - Net Unrealized Appreciation

Does NUA have you confused? Here I talk about NUA, what it is, how it works and if it may be right for you! It could possibly save you thousands of dollars in taxes but certain rules have to be followed. In addition, it may not make sense for everyone so it's best to look at your specific situation with a professional to help evaluate the pros and cons.

Over age 70 1/2 and donate to charity? This video is for you! With the standard deduction where it is , many retirees are not itemizing, thus not being able to benefit tax wise on charitable donations. If you donate to charity, are over 70 ½ and not benefiting tax wise, Here’s something to consider: Donate what you normally would, but instead of taking it from your bank or non retirement account, donate it from your pre tax retirement or IRA account. Why? You can save on taxes.