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Leaving a Legacy

Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Estate Planning

What kind of legacy do I want to leave?

It has been said that you will always be remembered, either for what you did do or what you didn’t do.

 When Estate Plans are not adequately designed; families can be left with conflict, disappointment, and/or confusion.  We’ve seen families torn apart because the estate plan was inadequate and the parents didn’t communicate their wishes clearly.  We prioritize exploring your family dynamics and understanding your goals and challenges so that your Estate Plan can be executed as intended, relationships maintained, and assets safeguarded through the transition. While we don’t draft the actual trust and will, we have the conversations with you and help communicate your goals/family challenges to your estate planning attorney so he/she can customize it to your needs and put the appropriate safeguards in place.  By truly understanding your legacy wishes, we can then design your financial plan with that in mind.

A vital component to ensuring the success of your Estate Plan is consistent monitoring.  We schedule systematic meetings with you to review your assets, relationships, and the unforeseen life deviations; and will inform you when adjustments or updates need to be made to your Plan to avoid unnecessary probate and disputes.

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NOTE: Investors should consider consulting with a qualified estate planning attorney prior to making decisions due to their unique circumstances.