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Planning Your Retirement

Are you ready to retire? 6 tasks you need to complete!

How different sources of retirement income are taxed.

When can I retire?

This is usually the most common questions we hear when a client meets with us for the first time. In most cases, you have worked over half your life and now you are planning for the longest vacation you will ever have. For some, the amount of time spent in retirement could be as long as your working years. One of the main considerations in planning for retirement is deciding what kind of lifestyle you envision. Key factors that go into your plan are how much you have saved in various retirement and investment accounts, what other income sources you will be receiving such as social security and pensions, and who will be counting on you for support. We will work together to uncover your comfort with investing while contemplating inflation and longevity in helping you create a sound plan.

Social Security Maximization

You have paid into Social Security your entire working years, now it's time to reap the benefits.  Navigating Social Security can be overwhelming with all the options to consider, some that no one has even told you about.  A quick decision like this could mean leaving tens of thousands of dollars behind. We will explain your options and go over strategies you could utilize to maximize benefits for you and your surviving spouse.

What should I do with my retirement accounts?

Throughout your life you may have accumulated several different retirement and investment accounts through employer plans such as 401(k)/403(b) or accounts you opened on your own. It some cases, it may make sense for you to leave them where they are and in others you may want to roll it over to somewhere with different investment options or features. One  thing you can do is to meet with a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner who will look at your overall financial picture and help you determine how move forward for you and your family.

How can I potentially enhance my retirement income?

When you get ready to retire you will discover your employer has many different options to choose from. Before filling out the paperwork on your own, meet with a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner to discuss the pros and cons of the various choices. There are many strategies available in creating a lifetime of income for yourself besides what your employer offers.

Do You Know These 4 Critical Social Security Facts?

In this ebook, we outline four important Social Security facts that every retiree should know and help you understand your benefits. Download yours today.

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